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Suggestions for the configuration parameters of new games are welcome. They can be sent to gamemaster AT

An initial public game named Nemesis is open for registration. You can register for this game by sending a mail with subject join Nemesis to galaxyng AT You can specify your desired home planet sizes by specifying e.g. #planets 1000 800 700 in the mail body. Information about the game can be retrieved by sending a mail with subject help Nemesis to galaxyng AT

Turns will be run every 4 days at 6:00 CET (CEST if daylight saving time is active)

IMPORTANT: Only plaintext emails are accepted by the server!

Previous games

Turn 0 report sent on June 15, 2009 12:15 CEST.

Game finished on January 25, 2010

Winners: Flumps and race_17

Name Nemesis
Registration open13 May 2009
Registration close15 June 2009
Minimum Players 8
Maximum Players 20
Race Spacing 50
Empty Planets 10
Empty Radius 20
Stuff Planets 20
Initial Drive 1
Initial Weapons 1
Initial Shields 1
Initial Cargo 1
Full Bombing False
Enforced Peace 15 Turns
Keep Production True
Don't drop dead False
Spherical Galaxy True
Max Total Planet Mass 2500
Standard Planet Sizes 1000 800 700